Share photos and other files with family and friends. Make spreadsheets and text files available to colleagues and others. Bix has made sharing easier, faster and safer than ever before.

Share your photo albums online makes it easy for you to share your photos exactly as you want. By assigning a few simple permissions, it is entirely up to you who has access to your shared albums. Online photo sharing happens in a few clicks and you can easily stream your photos for display on an iPhone/iPad or Android phone.

Create public links for sharing

With Bix, it has become easier than ever to share information. Generate a sharable link for each of the files you want to share. Send the link to the one you want to share it with. By clicking on the link you can view and download the contents of the file. When you have created a folder in Bix, the recipient can click the link and access the shared resource only a few seconds later.

Secure sharing of your data

With's cloud-based sharing solution, you can easily encrypt and password protect your data. All files are protected by's firewall. Our replicated data centers use redundant black fiber connections and all data is transferred via secure SSL connections. Use Bix to sync files on your PC or Mac computer and obtain extra security for your data.